Why You Need To Stop Making Excuses

Around this time last year, I was walking to work every day and ended up in the ER because my knee swelled up to double the size and was extremely painful. No one could really figure out exactly the main cause of the swelling and pain was so they just stuck me in a knee brace.
I kept going to doctors and they finally figured it out after seeing me stand up on both my legs. The upper half of my legs are turned out and the lower half of my legs are turned in which puts tons of pressure on my knees because theyre constantly being pulled both ways. It used to be a lot worse, but I have taken years of dance which has improved the way I naturally stand on my legs. I used to walk pigeon-toed, but now I walk sort of normalish. It still is a big problem though.

The doctors couldn’t figure out why my legs developed this way. They said they have never seen anything as drastic as my situation. I’m able to touch my two knees together just by standing with my legs straight. It’s very obvious my legs are shaped differently than others. In the picture below, I’m the girl in the white dress with pink flowers.

Finally, after looking at my medical history, a doctor pieced together that because of my cancer when I was younger, I had stopped walking for two years and I had to learn to walk again so my legs weren’t able to develop the way they were supposed to because I was constantly in bed, in a stroller, or being carried.

He said the only way to permanently fix this was surgery which he highly did NOT recommend. The surgery was extremely painful with a very long recovery and seemed more trouble than it was worth. There isn’t even a full guarantee that the surgery itself won’t cause more problems.

However, there is a temporary fix, and that is to exercise, especially my legs. If I build the muscles in my legs it makes it so my knee won’t be pulled on so much. I actually prefer this option over surgery because it helps keep me exercising. It is hard to keep up with though and actually very painful since walking on my leg hurts enough. I need a balance between resting my knee, and working my knee. If I start slacking, I’m back in my knee brace and in tons of pain, so most of the time I just push myself even when I really don’t feel like it.

This photo above was taken on a day where I felt like absolute crap, my knee was throbbing, and I felt like I just really did not have the time to work out. But instead of making excuses, I went anyways.

I could sit around all day and make excuses on why I can’t exercise (my asthma, housework, being too tired,  my knee hurting too much, etc) but I don’t. I push myself, and keep pushing myself. I would say stop pushing yourself at a certain point but to be honest there really is no limit on what you can do. The only thing stopping you is you and your excuses.

I’ve started to see lately that others think that everything should be easy, and if it’s not, something’s wrong. Life isn’t fair and everyone is given different situations. Just because something is easier for someone else to do doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it.

What I have started to learn is that there will always, always be a good excuse. But I promise you, the more you use excuses, the less progress you will make. If you work hard, believe in yourself, and stop making excuses  you will be able to accomplish just about anything.



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