My Trip To Las Vegas

Vegas is so sparkly even from far away!

I took this at The Martin. I was super high up, I think I was about 25 stories high. The view was incredible. This picture doesn’t do Vegas justice. Even though Vegas is wild and crazy, it can still be so beautiful.

This was taken outside of the Bellagio. I’m obsessed with fountains so I got a picture with every fountain I ran into. This is one of my favorites because of the “Valentino” sign right above me.   I love feeling classy ☺️

This was also taken right outside The Bellagio. Interesting story, right before this photo was taken my friend and I were walking and this homeless man asked us for a quarter. My friend lives in Vegas so she just ignored him at first. He asked again and I started to feel bad, but I don’t carry cash with me so there wasn’t much I could do. We told him we didn’t have any and he got angry and told me “but you’re wearing 1200 dollar shoes”. This made me upset because my whole outfit had clothes which were either given to me for free or I had found for super cheap at a thrift store. I’ll be sure to carry cash with me from now on though 😬

This is the hotel I stayed in! It’s so nice! I recommend staying at The Tropicana if you’re heading to Vegas. It has the best restaurants!

Who knew a hotel could have a casino inside?

One day I’ll own something from Tiffany&Co!

Got to get my pic taken next to the biggest chandelier in the city! It’s so big you can’t fit it all in a picture! This  is one of  my favorite places in Vegas!

Even with a video it’s hard to capture!


I have never been so blinded by the sun in all my life haha!

I sat down next to the aquarium to eat and this  fishy never left my side!

This is the meal I ate after missing my flight by 1 minute due to a 2 hour long line at security.

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