My Love/Hate Relationship With Adderall

**Before reading this article, you need to keep an open mind.  Adderall affects every single person differently.  Some people may experience no side effects, others may experience all of them.  I am showing you my honest opinion of how Adderall affects me personally.  For some people, Adderall isn’t right for them, that’s fine! For others, it’s exactly what they need**


Like tons of other people in America, I have ADHD. It makes paying attention to anything for more than three seconds nearly impossible. I am constantly having to force myself to redirect my attention to what I originally was trying to pay attention to in the first place. If someone is talking to me, I’ll get about a third of what they’re saying and then have to ask them to repeat themselves again. It can be really frustrating and exhausting especially when it comes to having a job or being in school. This is where Adderall comes in.

There are a lot of people out there who have the mindset that Adderall is “taboo” and horrible. It’s not. There’s pros and cons, just like every other drug out there.


 1. Life feels pretty amazing. When I’m on Adderall, everything is 10x as awesome. Even things that aren’t usually that significant are totally fantastic. This makes life really enjoyable. You’re happy about everything and full of energy. Life just feels good.

2. You’re motivated to do anything and everything. I always end up cleaning my room or writing a post when I take Adderall. Actually, it all depends on what’s around you when you take it. If you’re next to a counter that has an unremovable stain, you will sit there for 6 hours getting that stain out. If you’re next to your homework, guess what you’ll be doing for the next 5 hours…homework.  This is why so many college kids try to buy Adderall from those who have it. It helps them study and pull all-nighters. (Which is illegal by the way so don’t even think about it)


3. You lose weight.  Yepp, that’s right. Adderall is a stimulant which means it just makes your body do things faster. Aka, you’ll lose calories faster. You also won’t feel hungry and you’ll stop eating as much which is the main reason why you lose so much weight while you’re on it.  Goodbye, extra body fat!


4. You notice every single detail of EVERYTHING.  Having ADHD makes you notice everything too, but only for seconds at a time.  You’ll hear someone’s conversation behind you and then immediately after notice the sound of the fan running and then something shiny will catch your eye and your attention is focused on that. It’s hard enough thinking, letting alone having a conversation.  Props to all of you ADHD people out there I feel you!  Adderall helps all the details you notice flow together to where you notice everything, but aren’t necessarily distracted.


1. You get really dehydrated. You really have to make sure you’re forcing yourself to drink lots of water even if you don’t feel like it. This prevents dry mouth which can make your breath smell bad, and dehydration which can make you dizzy, sick, tired, etc.

2. You can get really sick. It’s really hard for me to remember to eat when I take Adderall and even though it’s a great way to lose weight, it’s not healthy. You have no energy after a while and feel like dying because your body has no nutrients. When I don’t eat, the Adderall makes my stomach feel like it’s twisted into super tight knots and it feels so sour. I also get headaches. It’s really not pleasant.

3. When you crash from it, you get super irritable. After the Adderall wears off, I always end up getting in a fight with someone and I become so angry. It’s really hard to control this if you’re not aware of it. Everything and I mean everything is irritating.  This is the number one reason why I am so careful about taking Adderall. I don’t want to ruin any relationships I have with anyone just because of some medicine I take.

Okay I’m sorry, but this picture is just too funny it fits perfectly with what I’m saying XD

4. Your body temperature goes way up. It gets so hot for me when I take Adderall. I actually start getting heat flashes.  However, I actually like it because I’m always cold, but other people find this super uncomfortable.

5. It can be addicting IF YOU ARE NOT CAREFUL. Yes, there are drugs out there that can be addicting and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some drugs, you need to get used to or else it’ll make you really sick.  I’m taking a medication right now that gives me headaches until i get “addicted” or “used to it” and the headaches go away.  It helps me so much.  If i get off of it, I will need to wean off of it.  Cold turkey will make life miserable. Bottom line,   you just need to be careful and aware. Although I’m prescribed it, I don’t take it every day. However, some people need to take it every day. And guess what? That’s absolutely fine. There are cases out there where someone is really addicted. Just be mindful of what you’re taking and make sure it isn’t out of control.

I personally don’t take Adderall every single day even though I need to. It’s all a matter of choice. I love it, but I also hate it. There ya go, my love/hate relationship with Adderall!

Do you have any other opinions of Adderall? Feel free to share!

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