How I Made My House A Home

I recently have been working on turning my house into a home, and have invested in some new home decor! These are absolutely darling, and add a homey touch to my new house!


Mr and Mrs Kitchen Towels

When I first saw these towels I absolutely fell in love, and so did my husband! I have this calm blue color all over my home, so I thought they would go perfectly in my kitchen.  I understand that most people don’t usually use blue in their kitchen towels, so here are some different ones you can get!

mr and mrs kitchen towels

You can get these cute and fun black and white towels here.  These are very versatile and go with different settings, more so than the ones I got.


Mr and Mrs

These Mr and Mrs towels are a little more elegant than the previous ones I just posted.  I personally love the traditional elegant look, but everyone’s different!


cook and clean

I think these darling ruffled towels are just the cutest!  Plus they leave subliminal messages that your husband should help more around the house 😉 (I’m totally kidding, my husband helps around the house every day!)



These vintage towels are one of my favorites! It will give your kitchen a traditional and elegant touch!


Autumn Pumpkin Decor

Autumn is my absolute favorite season, so I really couldn’t help myself when I saw this pumpkin! It’s hard to see in the photo, but it glitters A LOT!  Here are some pumpkins that I absolutely love!


This polka dot pumpkin is so cute!  I really love this one because it can easily go with Halloween and stay through Thanksgiving!


This white Martha Stewart soup tureen and ladle is perfect for making soup in the fall! One of my favorite things about fall is when the air gets crisp!


These two “Blessings” and “Autumn” pumpkins are adorable! I’ve been looking for decor for the exterior of my home and this is perfect!


This metallic pumpkin can seriously go anywhere in your home! I love anything that shines or sparkles!

I am falling more and more in love with my new home every day and will continue to post on everything I am doing and the products I am using to make it homey!

Comments? I love feedback! Have a different opinion? Let me know :)