How To Find The Time To Exercise

In a world where everyone is so busy all the time with work, kids, sleep, cooking, etc. it’s hard to find time to fit in a time to work out.  Working out and staying fit isn’t as high as a priority as paying bills, or going to work.   This is fine, but it is still important to make it part of your day and not just give up altogether. Everyone is becoming more and more unhealthy each day and it can be fixed really easily! With these steps, I was able to find the time to exercise every single day without fail!

 Manage Your Sleep Schedule

It’s so important to get enough sleep each night so you have the energy for the next day.  You wake up feeling refreshed instead of waking up groggy hating the world.  Sleeping in can actually make you even more tired! It’s just as important to wake up early.  The way I find the time to exercise is usually in the morning before my actual “morning routine” has started.

Make It A Habit

The more consistent you are with working out each day, the more of a habit it will become.  Scientists have done studies and it takes up to 21 times of doing something to actually make it into a habit. Working out off and on doesn’t guarantee you will work out every day and it isn’t as healthy.  Having consistency in your life also makes you feel more organized which puts a more positive feeling in your life.

Eat Healthy

When you eat healthy, you are more motivated to work out.  Eating cupcakes and sugar makes you feel sluggish and bloated which discourages you from working out! Also, eating healthy gives you faster results which will also motivate you to exercise more often.

It’s Ok If Things Don’t Work Out

Ha ha, get it? Work out? Anyways, it is okay if you don’t make it to the gym every day! That doesn’t mean you can’t work out at all.  You can ALWAYS work out at home and get just as much out of your workout.  I have tons of home workouts on my Pinterest if you’re out of ideas.

Have A Workout Buddy

It’s soooo much easier to workout when you have a friend motivating you to go every day! It is really easy for someone to talk themselves out of working out and making excuses, but it makes it a lot harder to avoid working out when you have another person that you feel you can count on.

Well that’s some of the ideas I have for making time to work out! If you have any other ideas feel free to comment. <3

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