100 Little Ways On How To Deal With Stress and Depression

Has life got you down?

You finding it hard to know how to deal with stress?
Well then you have come to the right place!

I’m gonna be honest.  Life is hard. And getting stuck in that rut we call stress or depression can happen to anyone of us. We all have trials and struggles we go through every day.  People are rude and judgmental.  Sometimes we feel like breaking down and giving up.  We all have days where we feel like life is out to get us.  That’s why it’s important to focus on the things that help us get through our tough days.  The little things.  I’ve made a list of 100 things that help me get through life despite what trials I am going through. When I’m feeling low or depressed I try and find the little things in life that makes it that much better. These are just some of the ways I have learned how to deal with stress, but I also hope they can help you realize how wonderful life really is.

So here it goes these are my 100 little tips on ways to deal with stress, beat depression, and just enjoy life!

1.  Holding a baby

2.  Freshly baked cookies

3.  Hearing a *pop* after opening a new jar

4.  Finishing a long essay

5.  Parking perfectly on the first try

6.  Getting your paycheck

7. Cuddling (this one personally really helps me when dealing with stress)

8.  Free samples (Free anything really) 😉

9.  Finishing a coloring page

10.  Seeing someone you love after a long time

11.  Wearing your favorite underwear

12.  The last day of school

13.  Writing on the top of a fresh new page

14.  When you hit all the high notes in your favorite song

15.  Stopping to smell the roses…literally

16.  Stepping on a crunchy leaf

17.  How your room looks when you’re finally done cleaning it

18.  Popping bubble wrap

19.  Laughing so hard your stomach hurts

20.  Finding a new favorite song and listening to it over and over

21.  Finishing a To-Do List.

22.  Getting a baby to smile at you

23.  Seeing a rainbow

24.  Making all the green lights

25.  When someone says the same thing as you at the same time

26.  When you find a song that perfectly describes the situation you’re in

27.  Holding a teddy bear

28.  Getting a compliment from a stranger

29.  Curling up and reading a book while it’s raining

30.  Putting clothes on that are still warm from the dryer

31.  When your food finally comes at the restaurant

32.  Getting new shampoo

33.  Waking up before your alarm goes off

34.  When your bra and underwear match

35.  When you draw a perfectly straight line without even trying

36.  When it’s the perfect temperature outside

37.  Hearing your favorite song on the radio

38.  Getting a package in the mail

39.  Finishing a book/TV series

40.  Seeing baby ducks for the first time since winter

41.  How your legs feel after you just shaved

42.  Drinking cold water on a hot day

43.  When a smell brings back an old memory

44. When someone pronounces your name right

45.  Forehead kisses

46.  Eating something you’ve been craving for a long time

47.  When a baby grabs your finger

48.  Seeing the street lights turn on or off

49.  Not procrastinating at something

50.  Playing a song perfectly on the piano

You think this is enough? Me neither! We still have another 50 simple tips on what to enjoy about life and how to deal with stressors it can throw at you! 🙂

51.  Having no homework

52.  The smell of the ocean

53.  When you actually make the basket into the trash from far away

54.  Finding a bra that fits you perfectly

55.  The light feeling after getting all of your hair cut off

56.  Winning a contest

57.  When your handwriting looks perfect

58.  Taking your makeup off after a long day

59.  The last day of school

60.  Having a good hair day

61.  Coming out of the movies feeling like you’re part of that movie now

62.  Driving on a freshly paved road

63.  Getting a hug from behind

64.  Wearing your favorite jeans

65.  The first shower you take after getting a haircut

66.  Putting your eyeliner on perfectly on the first try

67.  Clocking out at the end of your shift

68.  Finding two M&M’s stuck together

69.  The smell after it rains

70.  Painting your nails a new color

71.  Wearing new clothes

72.  Seeing a sunset

73.  The smell of Christmas

74.  Getting a present

75.  Overhearing someone say nice things about you

76.  Hearing the *click* of your heels when you walk

77.  Eating your favorite meal

78.  Seeing someone who looks just like someone you know

79.  Looking at old pictures

80.  Naps

81.  Winning a game

82.  Getting retweets

83.  A smile from a stranger

84.  The feeling after the end of a workout

85.  Watching a show you loved when you were younger

86.  Getting a massage

87.  Staying up late

88.  Finding money in your pocket

89.  Parking in the front parking spots

90.  Sunbeams

91.  Telling someone a secret

92.  Coincidences

93.  Finding something after losing it for a long time

94.  Hearing an inspirational quote

95.  Nutella

96.  Realizing how much you’ve changed (for the better)

97.  Making up after a fight

98.  Overhearing funny things kids say

99.  Going to the beach

100.  Feeling alive

Now there are many different strategies strategies for dealing with stress or depression, but those above are things I found help me the most when I feel it coming on, and truly hope they can help you as well!

What are some other was you have found how to deal with stress? Feel free to comment below and help everyone benefit!


<3 Sunny Bri


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