I enjoyed reading your posting. You make a lot of …

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I enjoyed reading your posting. You make a lot of valid points. We do live in a society that judges women by the way we look. We all have body issues. I have a scar on my left hand from being burned by an iron when I was 2 years old. When I was younger I got teased and asked about it all the time. As I’ve gotten older the scar has faded and it’s barely noticeable. I rarely wear make up. I’m one of the lucky ones who don’t have to wear makeup. Plus it makes my skin itch. So, 99% of my pictures I’m not wearing makeup and I don’t even know what a “filter” for pictures is. I spent the majority of my life morbidly obese and trust me people treat you different when you are 150 lbs. overweight. And when it comes to dating there’s not too many men interested in dating obese women. Now that I’ve lost all this weight I have loose skin. So, I might look good with clothes on, but not so good without. I’m considering surgery, but I don’t have finances for plastic surgery. Having children also changes your body. In our society as women get older our beauty fades while men are allowed to age gracefully.

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Thank you for sharing your story. You have not had it easy in life. I know how hard life can be at times. You are a beautiful young woman with a bright future ahead. Family is very important. We ALL have issues to deal with from our past and how we were raised. I pray for forgiveness and reconciliation for you and your family. I pray for healing.